The history of MastInk

My story as a tattoo artist is pretty simple: I initially approached myself to the world of digital and paper illustration;

I drew anything I could think of on a notebook and then I started recreating it on my IPad.

Then, fascinated by the world of tattoos, I started tattooing myself and, intrigued by this world and by the martial arts, I bought my first kit of machines with a friend of mine and from there I started to work on myself, developing my tecnique on synthetic leathers.

In the meantime, I took part in a private course to better deepen the study and development of a tattoo.

This led me to approach the best way possible and, after taking confidence with the kit, I started tattooing friends and family.

From there my passion and my knowledge have continued to mature; for this reason, I subsequently attended courses in order to specialize myself on fineline (current technique) and in 2019 I found a job in a Brescia studio.

The desire to grow, improve and create something of my own pushed me, after just one year, to open my private studio.

And here we are, together with MASTINK.


Andrea Pietropaolo, 24 years old, tattoo artist.